*psssttt* Storm... You got visiters...

Wha...I do?? <<; .... >>; Eh heh... *cough*

Uh... Hi and welcome to Gemini.CrystalRealms.Org. ^__^;;

*grumble* where the Org part certainly Doesn't stand for organization... ;

Eh heh... *cough* Anyway... I'm tearing down my section and closing it for the moment.

Don't worry, it'll be back up soon enough... I think.






Ok here's the skinny... Other than the Friends section, the whole place was one big broken link list.
Pot hole upon pothole of dead ends.
Dupes roamed free and clogged things and the whole thing (and I mean the Whole thing) was a disaster area.

Now add to this there are some pershonal thingies freefloating on through.
Making me unsure of when I'll be able to fix anything. Then too I don't know a lot of things...

Sooo... The long and the short of it is that until I can get some things straightened out...

This little piggy pen is kinda sorta closed until something gets settled. Until further notice.

The friends section is still open...
(for now... They may get moved if things don't settle)
(unfortunately the index is outdated and a mess too. v,v; so basically, if you're looking for a specific page, ask me where it is instead.)

But the rest...
Is gone.

Sorry guys.