Happy Beebles' Burrow

This adorable little critter is a Beeble. This little sweety, Dragalyn, has had 1 Earth stone used on her. So she's a wee bit different than a 'regular' Beeble.
She likes a steady supply of strawberries and other berries that grow low to the ground. I also occasionally give her a treat of carrots or rhubarb and raisins.
At the moment she's the only one I have but I hope to have others come live and give her a happy little Quiggle of her own to live with.

Added Notes:
  1. ::Dragalynn::[gender=fem][born=12/02][stones=1pt. earth]

My familiar!

ANd This sweety is a Familiar by the same. I've currently forgotten what I name the sweet little gal. I got her for Halloween one year I believe. No worries, she won't eat my Beeble. She and Dragy are play mates! ^_^

~home home on the range... erm... Sorry. ^_^;~

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