Air Raiser's Gothic Observer Air Raiser's Icey Chill

Magis Dark


you have been wandering for what seems hours when a very strange and sort of scary sight greets you...

~calm down you nit... i'm not Nearly as scary or grusome as some of Air Raiser's other created Halloween Jeweled Wolves. i'm just Gothic... she created a sibling that was Zombie... one that was a vampire and a vampire bat... and yet worst of all a Teletubby!~
you feel a shudder run through her body as well as your own

~anyway, my name is Gothic Observer... i'd ask what yours is but i have a frightful memory when it comes to such things... mostly because i have what's known as apathy towards my fellow creatures~
at that, if you aren't sure what that means, she gives you a disinterested fangy grin before turning back to her study of apparently nothing

with that you gather you've been dismissed for all intents and purposes... as you leave, you would have thought more about whether or not she was rude but find yourself too disconcerted by the fact that the path you came here by has somehow just vanished!

~well, it Is that time of year!~ Storm's voice floats through to your mind with a chuckle before leaving you stuck in your choices again... sometimes you get the definate feeling she has a Really twisted sense of humor.

a shier Jeweled Wolf walks onto the scene to be beside GO... she wears pretty glowy jewelry... you're told that the gems are dragon-sensitive an given there are so many dragons and dragon types through out the friendships, it stands to reason that they would always be glowing. the newcomer watches you for a couple minutes then sits on her haunches to seemingly paw the air making her pretty sparklies jingle and clink with the crystaline sound of icicles...
she seems to like the sound and you listen quietly as she plays a hauntingly lovely tune on the charms.

~Hello lowling... I am Magis Dark. I am the only male here and am set to guard these fair maids...~ a third JW speaks to you casually though he looks as though he could pick your bones bare...
the gothic one rolls her eyes and goes back to doing nothing while the icey one merely smiles and continues her symphony in ice.

the quiet storm JW turns to stare at you with a smoldering glance before stalking away... you note that few of these creatures are really very Friendly.
"They aren't Unfriendly... Merely somewhat disinterested." Storm tells you quietly though still managing to make you jump as the disembodied voice comes from right behind you.
"They haven't much interest in the world ouside of their own and here. And visiters are seldom lavished with attention.
They appreciate their privacy and would prefer it remain theirs. Too many times others ask too many questions and require too much of their attention from something they would Rather be doing."
you feel a little miffed until the voice tells you, "It's nothing against you or any one else personaly. It's merely their way. They treat me much the same way. Which is fine for me as I understand being polite when one is more interested in doing other things can be.... Difficult."
you hear the mild chuckle in the voice before it fades off again, leaving you to feel a little like you're unimportant.

~Oh grow up.~ the storm finally snaps at you frowning...
~We live our lives focusing on our magics and abilities. We simply do not have the Time to cultivate 'friendship' with every passing stranger and more over it might well be dangerous to do so given how often our kind get stolen and abused simply because we are what we are and from a very well liked and respected Mage.

Keeper's Name: Storm Storm Storm Storm
Name: Gothic Observer Icey Chill Magis Dark DarkStorm
Age: Adult Adult Adult Adult
Gender: Female Female Male Female
Sire: Wild Wild Wild Wild
Dam: Wild Wild Wild Wild
Element: Halloween -cGothic Arctic Mage Storm