Antha Tygwa Turk

wandering about aimlessly, you come across more of Storm's friends from AirRaiser. she smiles and waves to you as she zips by to her next chore...

    "I'll leave you with Antha, a rackon; and those are Tygwa & Turk, mini gryphons. They'll take good care of you until I get back."

Antha just grinz at you and you have serious doubts about whether good care is equal to 'pleasant' as you blink at Tygwa... then you see Turk staring you down as though you were lunch and realize things could get Much worse in a hurry...
that beak of his Alone makes you shiver with a sudden wish to be some place Much warmer and preferablely Not here!


More friends from AR!
Name: Antha Tygwa Turk
Age: Adult Adult Adult
Gender: Female Female Male
Sire: Wild Wild Wild
Dam: Wild Wild Wild
Species: Rackon Mini Gryphon Mini Gryphon
-Head -*- H*H* H* c
-Fore -*- cc H* H*
-Hind -*- H*H* H* w
-Ears -*- H*w H* H*
-Tail -*- cl* w l*
-Mutation -*- y*y* y* y*
Notes: Odd markings, never before seen on any Rackon. She is highly mutated, having chelsited wings. It is doutful it will be passed on to her offspring, but you never know. His father was an ice phoenix, so he bares some traits from that.
His for and hind legs are cold to the touch and will instantly freeze anything they touch. Same goes for his beak.