Guardian FeershingdoNightmare Claws



Phantom Gale

   "be afraid... be Very afraid! oh and No Clog Dancing around the Whorlings...! it makes the spider nervy!" a growly furry voice echoes to you through the foggy air...

    for you've entered the friendship of the Myrror's EverRealm. for the Ween of 04. before you are a red Battaur, a feline Whorling, a random spider Whorling, a random rat Whorling and a fem StormBringer Wolf.
they are Guardian Feershingdo, Nightmare Claw, Arachnidia, Rosco and Phantom Gale respectively. the red battaur seems to be the one in charge and she's the one who spoke to you at the first.

    "you heard me... you should have left by now! oh well I guess I'll have to tell you more about the Whorlings and such won't I? Nightmare Claws is a Feline Whorling and her ID# is StormFelineWhorling25. I'm actually not truly certain whether that's the whole thing or whether it's just 25. the same goes for all the others. they have such long tags to them... Storm never explained if we were to just say stormfelinewhorling25, stormrandomwhorling25, stormrandomwhorling55 and stormstormbringer01... just the numbers or even if we were to put any emphasis like StormFelineWhorling25, StormRandomWhorling25, StormRandomWhorling55 and StormStormbringer01. Storm seems to think =We'd= know. why I have no clue."
    she shrugs
    "Phantom Gale is a fem Stormbringer Wolf. I =think= she's somewhat rare... well it stands to reason being a Ween stormbringer. and from what little I know of other areas of EverRealm, being a Black stormbringer might have something to do with it. Oh and I've just been informed that it's more to do with all the pokey spikey thingies! which is to say, petting her might be a challenge.
she's kinda quiet though... we were told that she would talk a lot and so would the others but....."

    a growly canine voice breaks in...
*GRRRR!!!* "It's not that I Don't Talk or that Any of us don't for that matter, it's that you Never shut up! If you would Let us say something we would but after the first, we've pretty much given up trying to say anything. Poor Arachnidia has gotten so soft spoken that she only speaks to Rosco now. And we Just Got here."

   there's a small chittery sound that could either be speech or simply snickering from the rat whorling, Rosco. given that Arachnidia seems to be shaking as well it's a good chance that he's snickering. to which the red Battaur glares at the lot of you before sticking a snooty nose in the air and pointing her spear towards the exit. you take the hint and move on.

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