you wander into a meadow full of warmth and waist-high wild flowers... Storm sits quietly reading in the summery place. you can barely see her above the grasses and fragrant flowers everywhere... she smiles when you approach and sit down beside her.
    "I was just reading a bit from my old days when I was just starting out and part of a place called 'Minidragon Isle' some ages ago..."
you look over her shoulder at the book in her hands... it looks blank to you.
    "Silly... I was more or less just remembering and even if I hadn't been... Don't you know diaries are magic and meaningless to any but those who write in them?"
you blink at her in surprise... you didn't realize it was a Diary that she was looking at in the first place.
she smiles again at you... a rare moment of calm for her. she seems lucid today... a bit wispy around the edges but still all there.
    "Oh I remember so well... the feeling of community and togetherness while still retaining the simple joy of being oneself. that was what MdI meant to me at first... a place to go where others were welcoming with out being intrudingly so. a place of warmth and peace and... well, it was like finding one's home after ages of wandering aimlessly."
there's a slight bit of moisture in the corners of her eyes as she stares across the meadow... you let her sit a moment then she continues...
    "This place... this meadow was created from that memory. to give those looking for a home after being lost or abandoned to the cold wilderness of Otherworlds to fend for themselves. please be kind to any and all the children that come to rest here... they've had a rough time already and this is meant to be a place of welcome and peace... they shouldn't have to worry about whether or not some villain will creature-nap them. feel the tranquility and calm? let it remain so always for those who've journeyed darker paths to get here. Thank ye kindly."
she goes quiet again... her eyes filled with far-away memories that seem happy... the peace of the meadow fills your mind and soul until your spirit feels the healing love blended and tied through out... you feel content just to sit and watch the creatures wandering about healing just as you are... you also notice a small den like mound off to one side with some toys scattered around it. you smile to yourself... a place for the little creatures who come here to sleep and play hide-n-seek in obviously.

just as you think it's quiet, you spy five JnK through the grass blades... the smallest and shiest stays close to the burrow while the larger less afraid ones seem to be ignoring you.
a light pink RoseQuartz is prodding a dark Citrine; making him jump. a greenish Lapis just watches you carefully with out even getting up from his seat on a slight mole hill.




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