Winter's Midnight

Springfully AprilSummer's Sunny
Autumn's Shady

you walk into a quiet glade inside the friendships... there are a few gem stones scattered about as if they had been kicked here and there...
you can hear the sweet song of an unknown bird somewhere ahead of you.
you enter the glade to see a strange but beautiful collection of Nameless Forest creatures.
a winter Midnight Bird stands guard as a spring Lesser Unicorn munches ~or tries to~ the dandelion a summer Lytir is playing with. all the while an autumn Aurora Dragon sits contemplating the cosmos a little away from the others.
Nameless Forest Festival of the Four Seasons Creatures
NameWinter's MidnightSpringfully AprilSummer's SunnyAutumn's Shady
Markings/TypeSnowflake/Winter Midnight BirdGarland/Spring Lesser UnicornDandelion/Summer LytirLeaves from the horns/Autumn Aurora Dragon
Notesrepresenting winter is a Midnight Bird, cousin of the Dawn Bird and Dusk Bird. It has a snowflake marking on its neck.a Lesser Unicorn representing spring with a cute flower garland.A Lytir (winged cat) to represent summer. It's playing with a fuzzy dandelion if you couldn't tell what that is.Representing fall is a rare Aurora type dragon. They are the result of a breeding between a Fire and an Air dragon, which doesn't happen very often because the two types are so different. This is likely to be the only one you'll ever see.
To the Nameless Forest!

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