Sunset of the Stormy EveFoam of the Tropical Waves

you walk into a smaller Friends and see some wonderfully fluid and beautifully graceful creatures called Lamanayrs or commonly known as Lams. they come from Skysong and are of the Song of the Rainbow Hotsprings. not far from them are a little domed house and platformed gym from the Dragon Hide for them to sleep and play in... along with a ChocoCookie Shrub and a small ball from the TamCastle... some bowls to eat and drink out of too... and what's That? why, it's a smokeberry tart that Lessa Lynn gave Storm for her little friends to have! Storm usually burns stuff when she bakes so let's all give LL a big hand of thanks for not forcing these poor little lovelies to eat some of Storm's baking! ^_6
you can tell they're very well loved.

Lam Stats
NameSunset of the Stormy EveFoam of the Tropical Waves
Notes---Her wings are a mutation, a combination of feathered and faery.
Their Song: Song of the Moonlit Ivy