A long long time ago I can still remember how
that music used to make me smile....

-Don Mclean "American Pie"


Torque & TrinadadTieesha & Cozy

   "Long long time ago..." Those immortal words fit very well. These are the 'Angel Cats' of old. Their companions are even older though revised for them... (and again later for a different occasion but that's a different story) The UnFossils.
    LessaLynn created the ACs and I created the Ufs. The Ufs were from eons ago at a place called Featherdragon Empire. Specifically the Ocean Sands. But then they migrated from there. Either I or LL came up with the idea that they could be companion crits for the ACs. I can't remember now which. Prolly LL. So they were cleaned and prepped then added to the ACs. Sadly it seemed they were unlucky for the ACs because not too long after, LL decided to nix the ACs completely and there you have it... These are a couple of the few still around to remind people that there Were "Angel Cats from the Darkside of the Moon."

    You can go back the way you came or try heading to the next friends...

Name of AC Sex AC Type Bond Lineage
Torque m Golden? Storm Wild
Tieesha f Calico? Storm Wild
Name of Uf Sex Uf Type Bond Lineage
Trinadad m Onyx Storm Wild
Cozy f Diamond Storm Wild

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