Here we have the Colony of Sheltered Earth.

LikeaDiamond (De39)


Tsuki (De156)Enchanting (De153)

It's members consist of:
    The beautiful but short-sighted Alpha SpifCorrin. She's Very courageous... Her name is Spiffy (Talia give her that part) and 'Corrin' means Courage in Gl'Mystican. Well she's sort of courageous... As long as it doesn't involve pain or ya know, danger. Other than that, the colony can count on her for anything! ^^;
    Also in the Alpha rank of the colony is Jarmailo. He's very quiet, very patient and very wise. Albeit stoically so. Well Somebody has to get Spif to calm down. For him it was love at first thump. >>; Spif kinda sorta rammed into him when she came here... She was walking, Star stumbled into her and knocked her off balance which she tried to correct but well... Jarmi's tail seems to be healing up nicely dontcha think? Jarmailo was a rescuee.

    The Betas are the unsinkable indomitable Phizger (fem) and the rather domineering short-fused Eae (male). Now he's Usually patient. With everybody But Phizger. She drives him batty. He could stand Star when they boarded together but Phizger is forever teasing him about it. Basically, we think the problem is Phizger's jealous of Star. She seems to really really like Eae but she can't get over the idea that he was staying with Star for so long. Even though we All know he didn't have feelings for Star AND she's in a whole different colony...! It doesn't seem to be something Phizger can let go of. Well, she's not a very logical gal then is she. She was named for Whizzer and Pega, two of my oldest a dearest kits that passed away in the summer of '05. The name's the two combined. Eae was a rescue fella that came to me a while ago.

    Then we have the Hunter/Scouts. Well, Charlie comes from Zest of the Light Fantastic colony. It's partly due to him that the two colonies sort of get along.
Well at least the Gl'Mystican Destyres all get along... Few of these interact with the rest of the LF colony beyond Zest, Star, Winter's Moon and Medianoche. They were boarders together so they tend to get along.
    Charlie has his dad's child-like sense of humor and right-n-wrong but tends to take after his "uncle" Dru in the common sense department. Zest may tend to go off in a haze of curiosity, Charlie may be curious but he makes sure everybody knows what he's doing and where he's going. And the little tag along is the enchanting H/S Enchanting. She's a bit younger than her hero Charlie. She follows him everywhere. If you see Charlie out scouting, look some yards behind him and you'll spot Enchanting. She can't wait to prove that being Younger doesn't mean a nuisance! ^_6


    Well, that's the Sheltered Earth colony. It's a closed colony. I'm not sure if I need to mention that if you would like a baby from a pair of them, you need to ask first. I'm kind of new at this whole having-my-own-colony thing. Feel free to say hi to the G'M members of the LF colony or drop by and converse with the Earth Elemental Druid (Dru) and his lady fair, the Mystic Ki'amy and their gnoxies, Fretch and Clementa at the small stand of trees. Or mayhaps you would like to see what Other Comeltum friends call my corner of Cyberia home.

Destyres are Talia (their Goddess) and Cynther (the creator of their outlines). Colored and/or modified Lessa Lynn
and all other graphic/page contents/etc are Storm