having walked the distance to see more of the elegant creatures, you come across two Hunter-Scouts... along with two Alpha Rogues...
    the lemon saffron hided star-bespangled Star and the neon green Zest along with the Rogues, pearlesque Winter's Moon and the lightening studded Medianoche. they're the four G'M members of the Light Fantastic colony. it's an open colony held by the MinniMich Triad of Lessa Lynn, Cynther and myself.

Star- she's a bit clumsy but he seems very patient. though she was recently moved here from living with Dru, she seems to be pretty much at home. it's nice to have some 'elbow room' I suppose... and there aren't any gnoxie here to trip her up either so...*chuckles*
Zest- recently moved from his own confused space, he's come to join the others to talk about the LF colony. they don't get very far as Zest has a A.D.D. problem... (Attention Destyres Disorder)... a problem Noche is all too willing to growl about.
Medianoche- commonly called Noche by the others, he's dark, angsty, cantankerous and Definitely not a "people furson". luckily we have Winter's Moon to even his temper (or flatten it which ever works at the time) out.
Winter's Moon- generally know as WM by most and 'Moonie' to Noche. she's an easy going friendly gal with a heart of gold. but even the most saintly will have their moments and there are times when Noche pushes her buttons. Especially in his handling of Zest. she knows Zest has nothing but good to him and it really irks her when Noche is mean to him knowing full well that Zest won't see it as spite but honest criticism.

    often you'll find Zest with his head hanging low, Star in a befuddled heap by a pebble she's stumbled over and WM chewing Noche out yet again for hurting Zest's feelings.

    if you've a wish to see their statistics, they are in the book. the nature divine and the Nature of the Divine- the Mother of the Destyre.

Destyres are Talia (their Goddess) and Cynther (the creator of their outlines). Colored and/or modified Lessa Lynn
and all other graphic/page contents/etc are Storm