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    having walked the distance to see the rare creature known as the Earth Elemental, you see a wise and strange destyre sitting before a wigwam of sorts beside a small unknown creature. the destyre wears a look of cool amusement at your timid approach. the well read might be reminded of the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes who was at once curious about the academic mysteries of the creatures around him and detached from them.

    he walks carefully, watching where he steps as though reading something in the ground. strong and wise he waits outside their realms. waits for others to come seeking his wisdom. until then he studies his sacred wood. he is the Hermit... the Druid. his heart and soul are part of the land and the land is part of him. and still he waits patiently. not friendly but not cold. he is of the Earth and as part of it he has more sympathy for those who walk it. how could he not when the earth tells him of the woes it has witnessed and the sorrows it weeps over? when it sings, you might see him swaying to the divine symphony of the wind whispering hello through the beloved leaves of the trees around him.

    and in his infinite care comes another destyre with clouds wafting gently across pale sky hide. she is the motherly rescued Mystic, Ki'amy... come to quietly rest and be of sweet calming to the gentle earth and the others who are as misfitted as she once was. the gnoxie watching over her is Clementa and the nervous male there is Fretch. they watch over the two exalted ones as well as they were told to.

    a strange and beautiful golden destyre with pixie wings daintily steps onto the turf and you can see even the Earth destyre is taken by her. she is followed by a gnoxie dressed flamboyantly in bright autumn leaves. he snubs the other two gnoxies as his destyre walks passed the mystic and elemental humming to herself. she speaks not a word but the mystic gives you a serene smile and says quietly, "That is Harvesta (Vesta for short) and her gnoxie Ajax. It isn't that she's ignoring us, it's simply that she's the quiet sort that prefers to suit her message to actions rather than words."

    if you've a wish to see their statistics, they are in the book. Dru will not have his place of natural gifts cluttered he has said. he bows before only two things in this place... the nature divine and the Nature of the Divine- the Mother of the Destyre.

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