DsotM Friendship>>Welcome!

    after having gone from one friendships to the next; you come to a small place that, though isn't well organized, has a place to sit down for a spell.
    you sigh with relief and rub sore tired feet... across from the small stone bench is a sign with a list of the 'minor' friendships in this area... at the top it reads:

The minor Friendships within
the Major Friendship of
Darkside of the Moon
AngelCats, Wiffits Wigs Das
Iblekai Pigs Tyshiri
«GSS =§= JnK»
Horses, Ponies,
WarSteeds, CloudStriders, CloudStriders


    welp, looks like there's more to see, so guess ya better get a move on... unless of course you'd rather take a break.

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