Seseya'JineyRisilina'Bishe (burmese female) Flis'Wygil
Snow Shimmies (polar fox male) Allen (yellow fox male)pilestraw
Yiv'Nemen (black female) Risil'Kof (silver nutmeg male)Cricket (Siamese fem)
Otom'Kapav (red fox female)

Then there are the gerbils... Lots and Lots of gerbils. So far it's my little red fox- Otom'Kapav & her friends; the silver nutmeg- Risil'Kof, the Burmese- Risilina'Bishe, the black- Yiv'Nemen, the little grey agouti- Seseya'Jiney, the polar fox male- Snow Shimmies and my little Siamese fem Cricket. And I keep forgetting to mention Allen, my little yellow fox male who's paired with Trish the cutest little Agouti fem.
Oh and did I mention the Canary, Flis'Wygil?

Drat! I lost the piece of scrap paper I wrote the clan notes on... Or maybe one of the gerbils took it. You know how rodents tend to like paper for their nests... Hey, would you check out the brambles by my canary to see if that's where they put it?

*click on the bramble bush between the canary and the little Burmese gerbil for the clan notes*

Oh yes, quite a fine crew! Most were Advent gifts from Silvanon through the Advent Calendar that LL ran 2004. All of the little dears breedable too. Yus, I know... I should separate everybody... But they seem to like keeping each other company. And all the little ones can hide in the thicket or play in the straw. Would you like to see the Quinn and their "little cousins"?