after reaching into the nest you pull out the scrap of christmas paper... you see little pictures of the gerbils with names and information about each one... this must be the clan list Storm was searching for. squinting in the pale moonlight, you straighten the roughened edges and read the stats for the clan members.

Clan of Christmas Warmth Gerbils
~and one canary~
Pairing Members ID# Name Sex Color Parents Keeper
Pair 1 adventgerbil1 Otom'Kapav f Red Fox wild/OAC Storm
gerbil5 Snow Shimmies m Polar Fox wild Storm
Pair 2 adventgerbil7 Trish f Agouti wild/OAC Storm
adventgerbil6 Allen m Yellow Fox wild/OAC Storm
Pair 3 adventgerbil3 Yiv'Nemen f Black wild/OAC Storm
adventgerbil2 Risil'Kof m Silver Nutmeg wild/OAC Storm
Pair 4 adventgerbil5 Seseya'Jiney f Grey Agouti wild/OAC Storm
adventgerbil4 Risilina'Bishe m Burmese wild/OAC Storm
Pair 5 gerbil27 Cricket f Siamese 9x3 Storm
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Gerbils ©Silvanon