Kiev the StoicToshi the Grey Tail

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   you wander through out the friendships  when you come across a small lake...
you lean over to stare contentedly into the great lake's water and suddenly heads pop up to stare gleefully at you... a lovely bunch of creatures that look similar to sea horses... only they're vastly more pretty and interesting

    again Storm's voice enters your mind saying, »These are Greshi... Another gift from the world of Emeral. You'll find their stats below along with the ways to Emeral.«

    her voice fades from your mind once again to let you wander about in peace...

Non-sentient creatures from Emeral...
They are mostly for possible showing and breeding only presently. Little else is known about these small water equine-like creatures. Other than they are very cute and lovably sweet. ^_^


Kiev the Stoic Toshi the Grey Tail Renna the Acrobat Rivema the Curious Kyly the Wise


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stallion lead mare mare mare mare


Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild



Here's the rock we told you about!

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