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    walking along you realize there have been changes to this area of the Friendships... the DsotM Friendships seem to have gotten a little smaller? or is it just that bits of it have merged into one bigger one???
just as you turn around staring in confusion, the great cousin to Storm steps into view. she appears to be arguing with some one unseen.
    "Just Why did ye put me un bahbysittin' detell??!"
the voice seems to reply 'just why' and OrcSlayer growls something under her breath in the native Welven tongue....

~erm loosely translated... well, it's not appropriate for general audiences actually. 9,9; ~

OrcSlayer gives a long-suffering sigh then glares at you...
    "Steal One creature an I'll be 'Tarsan Visiter Slayer'!" with that steel-bound statement she whirls around to leave.
before she does she throws some helpful words at you over her broad ramrod straight shoulders...
    "Look et tha lists for more information on what lives here in the Stables if ye wan ta find'em. Don expect a guided tour and mind wha I told ya."

for lack of anything to say, you turn to the lists she mentioned... they cover WarSteeds, CloudStriders, Horses and Ponies... as well as JNK.

~though the jnk are Not of the Golden Sun Stables... they're just in this area because they're equinid.~

all you can hope is that the creatures here will be friendlier to visiters than their guardian is. 9,9


registered name: call name: sex: color: parentage: species: uses: herd: keeper:

Fox Run's
Dew's Shining Glory
Dewshine fem Strawberry Roan ??? horse none Fragments of Reality Storm
Golden Sunshines's
Choicest Dream
Dream male Chestnut Tovero/
GS's Dust Cloud of Dreams X
GH's Choicest Morsel of ER
horse none Fragments of Reality Storm
Water Cress'
Wyndshine fem Black ??? horse none Fragments of Reality Storm

Golden Honey's
Dappler Shadows
DapShad fem Black Overo Unknown X Unknown pony Broodmare &
small carriage
Fragments of Reality Storm

none WolfGang male Grey Wild wolf Guard Fragments of Reality Storm

Brahms male Fluorite Wild WarSteed Lead BrahmsSinger Storm
Butterfreen fem Alamandine Wild WarSteed Lead RoundedButter Tam
CabageKeeper male Tiger Eye Brahms/Melon WarSteed Lead KeeperCreek Storm
CreekSecreter fem Jasper Sir Rounded/Butterfreen WarSteed Lead KeeperCreek Storm
HeartSeer male Chrysoberyl Wild WarSteed Second JungleCreator Storm
HidingSilence fem Tiger Eye Jungle/Silt WarSteed Second RoundedButter Storm
JungleCrawler male Peridot Wild WarSteed Lead JungleCreator Storm
MelonMuncher fem Morganite Wild WarSteed Second BrahmsSinger Storm
PineHider fem Lazulite Wild WarSteed Second JungleCreator Storm
PineHeart male Amythest HeartSeer/PineHider WarSteed Lead Heart??? Storm
SiltCreator fem Amethyst Wild WarSteed Lead JungleCreator Storm
SilverSinger fem Silver Wild WarSteed Lead BrahmsSinger Storm
Sir Rounded male Azurite Wild WarSteed Lead RoundedButter Dark
TopazLeopard fem Topaz Wild WarSteed Second RoundedButter Colm/Taz

CloudDancer fem Diamond Wild CloudStrider --- RainingDancer Kally


Silver Wild CloudStrider --- RainingDancer Storm
RainDancer fem Azurite Wild CloudStrider Lead RainingDancer Storm
RainingGold male Gold Wild CloudStrider Lead RainingDancer Storm
SunsetSailing fem Jasper Wild CloudStrider --- RainingDancer Dark

ls-m04ci-lc Keebler male Citrine/Lt.Contrast jnk Lead? JNK Storm
ls-m05la-dc Eluzis male Lap./Dk.Contrast jnk --- JNK Storm
ls-f06sq-lm Bright Pearl fem Sm.Qtz/Lt.Match jnk Lead? JNK Storm
ls-m06ci-dc Titus male Citrine/Dk.Contrast jnk --- JNK Storm
ls-f07rq-dm FrottyFern fem Rs.Qtz/Dk.Match jnk --- JNK Storm

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