Caspyn-m-OAC#15Grindof- WYV037Zirinia-f-EHG026
Fargus-m-EHG035Quailiqua (EHG073)



     you wandered into the Emeral Friendships and discover yet Another hidden area... in the middle of another beautiful meadow sits the mythic Emeralian Market Hippogryph... usually found for sale at Shivuez Clouds if not elsewhere.
     one of which is the lovely male with his sky bright blue bird half & bay horse half. starry snowflakes decorate around the eye and cheek that you can see. he sits quietly... staring bemused at the odd green grounds around him. being of the winter Orchard Advent Calendar, this greenness may Never make perfect sense to him though the mild temps do seem to be acceptable to him. his warm smirk at least seems to say so. he just sits looking around and generally ignoring your presence without rancor. such a nice friendly fellow... quite refreshing compared to some of Storm's other friendships. you sigh and plop down relieved not to be trampled, charged, threatened, maimed or any of the other sundry things that might take place amid Storm's little jaunts into other worlds. 0,o;
you then see a pretty fem come bouncing in beside him and stare expectantly at you... having no idea what she might want, you offer her an apple left from your lunch... she grabs it with glee and a game of 'try to take the apple' ensues between her and the male. you just try to stay out of the way.
just as sudden, another male, Fargus races up out of nowhere and steals the treat with a single gulp and a swallow... Zirina and Caspyn pounce on him and a huge brawling wrestling match occurs making you run for cover!
from nowhere, a Wyvie pops up and joins the fun. He (?) is newly bonded to Caspyn and takes the playing very seriously. ;) His name is apparently Grindof. Male Wyvies are called "drakes" by the way.

E.H.G :*: Enchanted Memories Ayre
Origin: Emeralian Market :*: Keeper: Storm

E. M. Ayre Members

Caspyn (Head m) | Zirina (Head f) | Fargus (m) |

Wyvie Members

Grindof (m - Caspyn) |

ID# Name Sex Lineage Status Genes
------ ------ --- Dam Sire


Head Front Back Wings Tail F.Color B.Color Mutation

 EHG007s Caspyn m Xmas 2004 Breedable H*h F*F Bb W*w* TT c*c* dd Mm
EH026 Zirina f Wild Wild Breedable H*h F*F bb Ww tt c*c* DD mm
EH035 Fargus m Amagala Forsueh Breedable HH F*F* Bb ww T*t C*c* Dd Mm*
EHG060 Niisah f Birthday Gift Breedable Hh F*f b*b* w~w~ t^t^ C*c~^ D*d m*m*
EHG061 Paillo m Birthday Gift Breedable HH F*f B*b* W*w* t*^t*^ C*c~^ dd* m*m*
EHG073 Quailiqua f Wild Wild Breedable H*H FF B*B --- TT c~c* D*D Mm
 WYV037 Grindof m Wild Wild ?
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