you've wandered through the snowy fields until you come across two creatures playing in the area marked "Indigo- Xmasies!" you see a small snow covered table with their stats carved into it.
    you stamp your feet to get the feeling back in them and blowing on your paws, you shiver and wonder if there's any place warm to go... maybe a nice Tropical christmas/winter time section or something???? Please?????

    just then a strange wind blows and chills you to the bone... a beautiful haunting grey stallion glides into view. the fur on the back of your neck stands on end and suddenly you wonder who or What he Used to be because an instinct tells you he isn't as real or as solid as he appears to be. silent and almost oblivious to your presence, he merely glides passed you with a slight nod to Isha and Zeus. it is perhaps understandable that he would notice them instead of you... they've been here long enough to make their presence known whereas You're just visiting.
    he's our resident 'haunt'. a Ghost MPU from a Ween draw Indigo held at the Orchard.
    after reading their vitals you watch them play. they seem to seeing who can fly the farthest until the thunder bird decide to rest on a branch a bit. and seriously, it's very hard to race when one of the 'opponents' isn't really trying, just kind of Floating there while the other two actually have wings. maybe it would be more fun to watch some of the others play or go see if Indigo has something for you to watch at your own place?

Creator Species Name Sex Parentage Element Status Tribe
Indigo Thunder Bird Zeus Male -?- -?- Breedable -?-
MPU Isha Female Wild Holiday - Christmas Breedable  
MPU Hans Male Wild Holiday- Ghost Breedable  


    Notes: Thunder Birds are an uncommon species of bird on Shehal.
They are called 'Thunder Birds' because they are a habit of singing long, beautiful songs just before thunder storms occur.
They also tend to live in areas where storms happen often and their breeding season is during the storm season.
They have loud calls as well as a beautiful song.
They can't speak and aren't sentient, however they are quite intelligent -
a much desired pet among the rich as most have an even temperaments and are easy to train.

Notes: A first generation Holiday, she grew up high in the mountains.
Her wings are rather odd, a trait she inherited from her Snow side of her family.
Information can be found at

Notes: Like all ghost he floats a few inches off the ground at all times.
Information can be found at

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