you wander through out the friendships when you come across a small meadow... you stop short in shock... suddenly-
there are Ja'lek's scampering about Everywhere!
they seem to be waiting for more to join their merry band. though if more do, the place will Def need an expansion!
they're all just playing and having a good time. well except maybe Greapl... but he's a crab no matter what so no worries! ^_6

you smile and sit a while to watch the tiny equines kick up their heels... such is a loverly way to spend the mornnight in relaxation.

    again Storm's voice enters your mind saying, »These are Ja'alek... Another gift from the world of Emeral. You'll find their stats below along with the ways to Emeral.«

    her voice fades from your mind once again to let you wander about in peace...


Cute tiny little creatures from Emeral::Corsagé Meadows.
This is their description as given by their creator...
"Ja'alek are tiny equines.
They can come in nearly any colors, and have small variations in size, but they are overall about the size of a thumb.
They are very friendly, but shy and have a tendency to hide, because of their size.
They are very cute and lovably sweet."


ID#: name: meaning: sex: origin covey: current covey: mate: offspring: Keeper:
*18f Gazho Gazelle Horn f Wonder of Earth Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Tesmipt Storm
*45f Dewilvi Dances with Leavies f Dark Earth Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Greapl Storm
*61m Greapl Green Apple m Warrior Vision Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Dewilvi Storm
*70m Tesmipt Teal Simple Paint m Thunder Blast Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Gazho Storm
*72m Clolev Clover Leaves m Silent Wind Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Piclo Storm
*73f Piclo Pink Cloud f Firey Pool Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Clolev Storm
*74m Onhof-Leader One Hoof m Dark Waters Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey Storm
*? ? ? ? ? Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey ? Storm
*? ? ? ? ? Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey ? Storm
*? ? ? ? ? Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey ? Storm
*? ? ? ? ? Hopefully "Hidden Moon" covey ? Storm

Here's the rock we told you about!

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