Cdynmed~Tnays (Starlit Dreams)

    walking along you come to the loverly glade of Cdynmed~Tnays (Starlit Dreams). a sweet deep blue fairycorn winks at you among the pretty white spots along her rump. a long graceful horn rises from the center of her fore head amidst the wavy black fore lock and mane. she seems happy to merely watch you curiously... it appears that visiters fascinate her. Storm stands a ways off smiling yet not intruding on your exploration. it seems she will not get involved unless she must.
    she has often been quoted as saying, "Growing comes from voluntary activity of the mind, not the force fed mental training of memorizing something merely to please others."

    you know this creature's kind from somewhere... though at first you don't seem sure where until the little filly nickers in silvery amusement and points her horn to a floating stone Storm magically placed near her to play with. you then hear the single word...