you've wandered through the snowy fields until you come across three creatures playing in the area marked "Leafy- Leafy Xmasies!" you see a small snow covered table with their stats carved into it.

    after reading their vitals you watch them play. one seems to have gotten tangled in some christmas lights... possibly because she was looking for a place to plug them in and well, gl'mystica doesn't have electricity. 9,9;
the other sequanna uni is just having fun romping through the drifts that are forming at the edges... and the ikarien dragon is watching new snow fall as you shiver and wonder if there's any place warm to go... maybe a nice Tropical christmas/winter time section or something???? Please?????

SpeciesSequanna UnicornIkarien Dragon

This little one is somewhat special because is fuzzy! Has a reindeer antler mutation, and has cloven hooves on rear feet.


'Blankin' blankity-blank lights!'-Caycuhc~Vummeac

*WHUMP* 'Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!' -Caycuhc~Zummeac

*CHOMP!* 'EEE! Caught another flake!!! Nummers!'-Nordath