Ame of Emeral's Dream Sorent Keilim

   you wander through out the friendships  when you come across cute little creatures... one is the lovely shade of purple are brought out by the bright yellow of the beak and the tip of its tail. it looks at you closely then promptly pecks your toes with a gleam of mischief in its eyes... then trots around bringing you bugs and such...
    well, you were hungry..... right?? ~if you were, you're not any more! *lol*~ then a second one comes over, examines you then prods the first to play... the first dodges away nervously and bumps into a preening male.
he gives her a snobbish 'hmphing chirrip before strutting away. there's a grumble from another fem curled up... she looks similar to the shy one but seems less willing to accept the male's attitude. she slants a dark look at him before chirripping to the others, her mother in particular.
   Storm's quiet voice speaks to you through your mind... »They're Mini Býrauds. Mistress Lessa was some how involved in Ame's coming here from Emeral, though none of us seem quite certain how she was. And she Also helped Sorent, Piypr'Otnai'Gowyre and Keilim come here as well... She made sure I was part of a draw that I had thought I was too late to enter... Plus helped by being a translater between my portal and Mistress Cynther's. It seems sometimes even -Our- magic glitches.« there's a sheepish grin in the mental voice.
    »In any case, they come from Emeral, domain of Mistress Cynther. To go see her, meerly step on that rock over there... The one with the word Emeral on it just below their stats, silly!
Oh and mind Keilim! He's a bit more erm... mental... compared to my girls. I was warned that he may exhibit a tendency towards being, uhm, well, a bit full of himself.
And another note... Piypr'Otnai'Gowyre I'm told is the first fem-fem breeding. Which may be why I was warned that she might be a bit paranoid. Maybe that's something special to some and nothing fancy for others. But for us, we're very proud of her!
And of Ame too of course. We had hoped she and Sorent, being close, would have bred but Sorent is a little too wild for Ame as far as that's concerned.«

name: Ame of Emeral's Dream Sorent ~means "Flames" Keilim ~means "Cloudy" Piypr'Otnai'Gowyre ~means "Soul Star Wonder"
sex: female female male female
parentage: Cami'Alej x Maskque? Of the Created Of the Created Ame x Huroco
children: Piypr'Otnai'Gowyre no no no
beanie: no no no no



Here's the rock we told you about!


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