upon wandering aimlessly around you come across one of Silvanon's creatures... a Halloween Chenai Zebracorn. her name is Hatari. she's a ween gift from Silvanon and the place of the silver unicorn.

    Hatari's a very adventurous filly. she likes running at high speeds until she lifts off the ground. there have been times when if one asks nicely, she'll drag a glider behind her.
    we've discovered that unless you put wheels on the glider, it can hurt quite a lot being dragged. ^_^;
you would not believe how long it took us to figure that little fact out. mostly we blame Dark's being stubborn and thinking he could manage to keep up... it seems to be a male thing....
    but then what excuse could we give for the girls doing the same thing until we figured out about the wheels?? basically we've come to the conclusion that we're a clan of morons. ^_6;

    but then you notice a lot of much smaller equines running about... these are Mouse Paints. they are similar to Hatari in that some refer to them as "click and takes". but they are indeed different. two stand sedately while others race passed to the next pasture of 'mousies'. you wonder a bit about if any are in a "charity" or not...

Saddle Bright [10-13]   Mercury [10-7]

Pocky [3-1] Terra [3-5] Cotta [3-7] Rivera [3-3]

Joanie'Ushal - winter voice
just as quietly, a plum colored Theli slowly picks her way towards you. her name is Joanie'Ushal (winter voice) and it's been said that she's of the glory of Unlasta se Cassta ~the magic of beginnings & endings~ and was a gift for work Lady AirRaiser did for Lady Silvanon.
She comes at a sad moment in Storm's life and is most welcomed.

the exit. you take the hint and move on.

bkg/text ©Sg :=: Halloween Chenai Zebracorn/Theli Paints/Mouse Paints/etc. ©Silvanon