Winny [11-1]Poky [11-2]

Kieffer [11-8]

Polly [11-4]

French [11-6]


    upon wandering aimlessly around you come across some of Silvanon's creatures... Mouse Paints. they're gifts from Silvanon and the place of the silver unicorn.

    you notice a lot of equines running about... these are Mouse Paints. they are similar to Hatari in that some refer to them as "click and takes". but they are indeed different. others race passed to the next pasture of 'mousies'. you wonder a bit about if any are in a "charity" or not...


the exit. you take the hint and move on.

bkg/text ©Sg :=: Halloween Chenai Zebracorn/Mouse Paints/etc. ©Silvanon