wandering to the shores edge, you notice a small cove with a small cave to one side... sitting at the lip cave are two lovely Nifre. then you note there are more in the water...

Adam (NIR01)

Lexa (NIF01)Shalimar (NIF02)

    a short distance away you sit motionless afraid yet unwilling to rise into the cold air while wet.
    soon you see them looking about in search for a new toy, you sit relaxed watching until the winds die down and you spy a figure coming across the dunes carrying a basket... prolly Storm coming down for a quick swim by Talia's Nifri. then you see more coming to join the group... Eeep!

Brennan (NIR02)

Nifri of Comeltum ©Talia
Clan:Xers Clan Leader:Adam
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ID# name sex lineage other
NIR01 Adam male wild rescue Lexa Storm
NIF01 Lexa fem wild rescue Adam
NIR02 Brennan male wild trade Shalimar
NIF02 Shalimar fem wild trade Brennan
NIR03 Jesse male wild trade Emma
NIF03 Emma fem wild trade Jesse
NIR?   male   trade  
NIF?   fem   trade