a short distance away you sit motionless afraid yet unwilling to rise into the cold air while wet. after the first few showed up, you were holding your breath as it was but now More have come on to the scene and your lips are starting to turn blue from the cold! you spy a figure coming across the dunes carrying a basket... prolly Storm coming down for a quick swim by Talia's Nifri. and you breath a sigh of relief as you paddle quickly for shore hoping the new comers won't spot you either!

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Nifri of Comeltum ©Talia
Clan:Xers Clan Leader:Adam
descriptions and jewelry info on Nifri- The Info
ID# name sex lineage other
NIR01 Adam male wild rescue Lexa Storm
NIF01 Lexa fem wild rescue Adam
NIR02 Brennan male wild trade Shalimar
NIF02 Shalimar fem wild trade Brennan
NIR03 Jesse male wild trade Emma
NIF03 Emma fem wild trade Jesse
NIR?   male   trade  
NIF?   fem   trade