Welcome to the C'banae Way of Gl'Mystica

you walk into a brightly lit area... before you stands a gleefully sweet C'bana who also happens to be a very brightly color mare... she smiles at you and says:

}hi, i'm Gainlee, and this is C'bana Way... i'm a C'bana mare from Pega. she's a good friend of Storm's.{
Please just ask Pega for a C'bana of your own instead of stealing me.
}i like it here and hope to have more friends from Pega come to live with me. oh and if you would like a friend like me, just go to ::>Pega's<:: and ask her if you can have one. if you want to go on to go back, you are welcome to... Or if you would like to meet the others here you could do that too. either way would be fine with us.{
she smiles again at you before going back to her munching as you glance at the table you just noticed sitting there carved into a large rock nearby...
then you stumble over a loverly mare and her Kittle, Blanx...
}hi! I'm a Xmas prezzie from Lady Pegs to Lady Storm and my name is Home of the Heart... well, it's a longer more complex name than that in my native language but Lady Storm still needs coaching on that before she can spell it properly.{ ^_^;

SassafrassPlease just ask Pega for a C'bana of your own instead of stealing me.


another mare with lovely leopardy spots plops down beside the wavy one then looks over her shoulder to a K'd who walks up and sits beside her grinning... both are prizes from Pega for the festival... }which Swift Leaf will tell you about... shortly.{ the K'd, Minears'Silliest tells you before entering a staring contest with Sassafrass.

Sassafrass laughingly tells you, }Minears'Silliest is for her Mini-Ears and being the Silliest little goof we know... Next to Lady Pegs of course! ^_6{

Swift Leaf

just when you think you have it all figured out another mare comes bounding over to greet you.
}heylo! i'm Swift Leaf or in C'bana speak. i'm Considered quite the prize you know. no Really, i Am. i am a prize for a coloring contest Lady Pega and Lady Uny had in the Festival. i'm not very certain what place it was but no matter, Storm is just tickled that she even made a showing!{ n,n










C'bana Storm's Friends With
Name Gainlee ??? Biyiff FwanyifWaii Zanli~Clann CainCanoree Carsk'Yiff Nicoli       ???
Meaning??? Home of the Heart ??? Bright Light Misty Dusk ??? Dawn Light ??? Swift Leaf Sassafrass Minears'Sillies ???
SexMare Mare Stallion Stallion Stallion Stallion Mare Stallion MareMare Fem ???
ParentsWild Xmas Prezzie Wild? Wild? FWG Wild? FWG Patches/Aubuk Prize/Wild Prize/Wild Prize/Wild ???
Type               Savannah (between rainforest and desert) K'd ???
Notes             from Uny from Pega
"Mmmm... leopard"
from Pega
"Yey... more leopardishness. ^.^"
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