long after you strode among the exuberant Destyres and swam among the Orca and played water sport with the Nifri, you walked to a quiet glen away from the others as the tri moons seemed to fall from the sky; the closest Gl'Mystica comes to true night. you sit among the glowing mushes and the soft lichen. you slowly feel yourself drifting between sleep and yawning blurry thoughts of the day. the Comeltum creatures fill your mind with the experiences of the day. slowly, yawning, you find yourself tilting  until your head rests on a soft pillow of the lichen.

Balder (RuW02)Ulleria (RuW01)

>Doya think it's edible?<
:How should I know... I've never seen its like before...:
>Well, doya spose that Spolla sent it here for us to munch?<
:Quit calling her that! She's the Goddess's friend after all... You don't want to make Her mad doya?:
>Nonooonoo... It's just... Well, yaknow... the Spol-eer Furson Is partly wolf and...<
:Idiot! I Know that. And it's sad she isn't Completely wolf... Why a wolf would lower itself to...*gag*... But show a Little respect for the fact insulting her Might just somehow irk the Goddess and I know I Don't want to be in the same territory when She comes to talk to you about it!:
>OKAY! I get it! Sheesh... So back to the thing laying there... Yaspose it would taste good? I know we just ate those rabbit things but...<

    you don't wait for the other's answer... upon hearing the whispered conversation, you realized YOU were the possibly edible thing the two enormous wolves were speaking of. whether it was prudent or not, you were on your feet and moving... rather fast. you barely noted a plaque on a stone with the wolves' information as you streaked passed. that they were Comeltum Rune Wolves or anything of the sort neither sunk in nor mattered until you were relating the tale at a local tavern over a mug of Fonctulé to steady your shot nerves.


species Rune Wolf Rune Wolf Rune Wolf Rune Wolf Rune Wolf
ID# RuW01 RuW02      
name Ulleria Balder      
sex fem male      
age adult adult      
song Howl of the Arctic Waters (minor ice/water manipulation)--
most wolves posess at least one howl/song that is unique to only
them. The more
Howl of Midnight's Bane (makes this wolf particularly stealthy), Howl of Persuasion's Pull (increased powers of persuasion-if
this wolf remains in your pack, you are allowed 5 extra pack members exceeding the normal max limit of 10 members)
None None      
eyes deep saffire blue emerald green      
body Dark slate blue, teal, and midnight blue with ivory muzzle, stockings and dipped tail. Dark chestnut brown, nutmeg, charcoal and dusty grey marble-ized coat with smokey grey muzzle, neck ruff, and tail.      
marking Mystoka Mystoka      
aura Posesses an aura. Smokey blue in colour. Aura, as a small visual effect makes the white markings of her coat appear starker. Posesses an aura. Sepia in colour. Aura, as a small visual effect, makes claws appear silvered, or shiney.      
rank Alpha

Has the potential to be an alpha because of her aura, however,
cannot be a guardian because she does not have at least 3 unique howls/songs accompanied by an aura.


Again, cannot be guardian (1 short a howl/song) however, you can make him alpha or anything lower.

lineage wild (trade) wild (trade)      
Bond Storm
Creator ©Talia (lineart ©HLM)

Everything but the rune wolves are ©Sg...
Rune Wolves/Comeltum ©Talia with the RWs' line art by ©HLM
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