Trista- not for adoption

   you're walking along when you hear...

    "Ever have one of those days?? Ones where no matter How Swamped you are, some one Always has to drop in on you and Add more work to your already busy schedule?"

    taken a little aback you find yourself face to face with what Appears to be an angel in beat up carpenter overalls and an off the shoulder shirt... she's wearing a navy blue ball cap on backwards... and is clearly grimacing At You.
you stammer that Lady Storm said you could visit... the seeming seraphim just rolls her eyes at you in a patently teenage fashion.

    "She would. And quit staring, it's rude. I know; I know...!" she rolls her eyes at you again,
"You think I'm some sort of demi-deity or something weird like that right? It's the wings... Always messes with visitors' heads when they see them. But honestly...! I don't even dress like my mom or dad do which is Way Old style... And I Still get that dumb old q, 'Do you know Gabriel? Or St. Peter?'... Just cuz I have WINGS DOESN'T mean I'm an Angel. I'm a Sere ~short for Serephyné~ and that's All! We're Named for the old Earth creatures Seraphim and we have feathered wings but that's as far as the resemblance goes." she frowns at you irritably...

    "Now I have a ton of work cataloging the Tyshiri that live around here so if you don't mind..."

    you meekly ask if you may see some of the Tyshiri.

    "Oh for the love of Thunder.....! Of Course you can! Just wander around and sooner or later some of them will come take a look at You. Now go away so I can get my work done and get some flying in before it rains or something." she shoos you off in the general direction of where the Tyshiri are with an extremely annoyed look.
    if you would have looked at what she was working before you moved along, you would have seen a beaten ledger of parchment with the below information scribbled on it.

Maverick Minstrels ± Open Herd
»Lead Stallion: Raist ‡ Lead Mare: Laurana«
«all Darkside Tyshiri»
§Trista- Sere§

Name ID# Bond Sex Horns Wings Tail Coat Mutation Lineage
Trista N/A N/A f *snicker* Sere's 0,o; N/A "How Rude!" Jase X Charity
Alias #11 Storm f H*H*Xx* WW tt** Cc* nn Wild
Raist #22 Storm m hh*XX ww t*t* Cc* yy(horns) Wild
Laurana #23 Storm f HhXX Ww t**t** C*C Nn Wild
Shany #27 Storm f h*h**XX ww t**t** C*C NN Obsidian X Cherish
Taira #28 Storm f Hh*Xx W*W* T*t** C*c ny Gentle Bear X Spectrum
Soran #30 Storm m h**h**Xx W*w tt* Cc Nn Nightwish X Kreenell
Sarah #34 Storm f Hhx*x* Ww Tt c*c* yy(joined horns) Wild
Pussum BeF #36 Storm f HhXx W*W t*t** Cc ny Raist X Taira
Zane #52 Storm m Soran X Alias
Zaffany #54 Storm f H*hxx W*w tt** Cc ny Zane X BEF
Gleason #66 Storm m h*h**Xx W*w t*t** Cc Ny Raist X Taira
Mello #67 Storm f H*h*XX WW Tt C*C Nn ApolloX Trina

Tyshiri Pets

Jaffka #rand03 Soran m ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Wild
Pifter #01 Storm m ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Wild
Plumsk #04 Storm f ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Wild
Piccanee #05 Storm f ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Wild
Prenway #09 Storm m ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? Wild
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