you walk along one of the many twisting winding pathes through out this enchanted place and you come to a gated area...
you can see several creatures through the gate... different and slightly apart from each other...
Storm walks up beside you and smiles explaining... "Hello... I see you've found our 'Xmas Friendships'... We only nick named it that... It's more like a place for creatures of other worlds to come live and stay."
    you nod
    she continues... "They roam freely yet are kept apart for safety's sake and to avoid confusion since they come from different worlds and realms. None of them are actually fenced or penned in any way... Just magically separated except for when they wish to converse pleasantly and peacably with each other. You can either move along to some other area of our compound or you can look to see who lives here. There's a magical path transport over there... Merely press on the name of the area you wish to see."
    she point to a small sign you just now noticed...


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